Lav Culture is an artisan bath and body company I began working on in the Spring of 2017. I developed the products as well as the branding at around the same time. I wanted to sell hand-made, small batches of palm-free soap that would help moisturize skin better than commercial brands that include detergents.
The idea behind the Lav Culture brand was simple, clean, and easily adaptable just like the products. Unfortunately, the demands of work and life got in the way and I had to put Lav Culture on hold. Still, I like the branding and worked hard on it. I still intend to use it when I have the time.
The brand colors are very nautical in theme because I wanted Lav Culture to be reminiscent of the ocean-side property my Father owns in Jamaica. The logo is looking out onto the sea at night through the porthole of a boat. It's meant to evoke the calming nature of the sea at night.
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