The Creation and Technology Lab at GSU, also known as the CATLAB, is a general-use computer lab. In addition to offering the use of software such as the Microsoft Office suite and Internet access, it also offers state-of-the-art facilities to assist in the creation of media projects.
Students can create, edit and share everything under the media banner including short films, podcasts and music. The CATLAB allows students to check out camera and multimedia equipment, use production and media software, work together in student collaborative spaces, and get technical support.
In my role as an IT Support Specialist at the CATLAB my main duties were to assist students with technical issues and manage equipment reservations and checkouts. However, because of my background, I was also tasked with creating print and digital media that would help advertise the CATLAB as well as assist in its organization.
Shown here are just a few of the items I created for the CATLAB. They include:
An Equipment Catalog 
Staff Name Tags 
Student-Centered Flyers 
Rules Posters
CATLAB Print Materials

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