The Adobe Education Exchange is a free online platform and community created by Adobe and designed by educators for educators. It has workshops, both self-paced and instructor-led, that offer tools on how to effectively use the Adobe Creative software. It is an excellent tool for learning new or expanding on current skill sets and brainstorming how to include them into my own curriculum.
The Branding workshop explores principles of Branding using Adobe Creative tools and Adobe InDesign. I already knew much about the software and the topic, but the workshop allowed me to explore new software as well as allowed me to strengthen my skills by working through my processes in a collaborative environment. I got some excellent feedback and was able to provide others with insight into their own processes.
I thought this workshop was important because even though I knew the topic, I was able to help others and sometimes collaborative efforts change the way you view a topic. I definitely thought a lot more about incorporating the feedback and ideas of others than I would have had I worked without input.
For this workshop, I decided to develop a quick brand for a wellness retreat and spa called wild earth.
You can view my learning journal which details my process here.
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